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    • 14% OFF
    Sony (KDL-75X8500E) Android 4K Smart LED TV
    SKU: 15074
    Special Price Tk.345,000.00 Regular Price Tk.399,000.00
    • 14% OFF
    Sony Android (KD-55X7500F) 55" 4K Ultra HDR LED Smart TV
    SKU: 15781
    Special Price Tk.95,000.00 Regular Price Tk.110,000.00
    • 11% OFF
    SONY BRAVIA (49X8000G) 49" 4K Android SMART TV
    SKU: 15040
    Special Price Tk.80,000.00 Regular Price Tk.90,000.00
    • 11% OFF
    SONY BRAVIA (KDL-55X7000G) 4K Smart LED Television
    SKU: 15052
    Special Price Tk.88,000.00 Regular Price Tk.99,000.00
    • 10% OFF
    Samsung (UN82NU8000) 4K UHD 8 Series Smart LED TV
    SKU: 14901
    Special Price Tk.475,000.00 Regular Price Tk.525,000.00
    • 12% OFF
    Samsung 4K (UE65MU9000) 65" Ultra HD Smart TV
    SKU: 14776
    Special Price Tk.225,000.00 Regular Price Tk.255,000.00
    • 13% OFF
    Samsung 32" HD Smart LED TV UA32N5300
    SKU: 14807
    Special Price Tk.28,000.00 Regular Price Tk.32,000.00
    • 7% OFF
    Samsung 50" Ultra HD 4k Smart TV UA50RU7100
    SKU: 15899
    Special Price Tk.69,500.00 Regular Price Tk.75,000.00
    • 10% OFF
    Samsung 55" Ultra HD 4k Smart TV UA55RU7100
    SKU: 15900
    Special Price Tk.89,000.00 Regular Price Tk.99,000.00
    • 18% OFF
    Samsung 65" Ultra HD 4k Smart TV UA65RU7100
    SKU: 16396
    Special Price Tk.155,000.00 Regular Price Tk.190,000.00
    • 19% OFF
    SONY BRAVIA (55X8000G) 4K Android SMART TV
    SKU: 15053
    Special Price Tk.105,000.00 Regular Price Tk.130,000.00
    • 8% OFF
    Sony Bravia (KDL-65X7000F) 65" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV
    SKU: 15066
    Special Price Tk.165,000.00 Regular Price Tk.180,000.00
    • 8% OFF
    Sony 4K Ultra HD (KD-49X7000F) 49" LED Smart TV
    SKU: 15039
    Special Price Tk.72,000.00 Regular Price Tk.78,000.00
    • 15% OFF
    Samsung 55" 4k QLED Flat Smart TV QA55Q7FAMKXZN
    SKU: 14915
    Special Price Tk.199,000.00 Regular Price Tk.235,000.00
    • 12% OFF
    Sony Bravia (KDL-43X7000F/G) Smart 4K Television
    SKU: 15023
    Special Price Tk.54,500.00 Regular Price Tk.62,000.00
    • 28% OFF
    Samsung JU7000 85" 4K UHD Flat Smart TV
    SKU: 14902
    Special Price Tk.650,000.00 Regular Price Tk.900,000.00
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